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The best thing that we can recommend for seniors is to have nothing to do with ANY Kaiser Senior Health Plan. 


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Medicare Articles

Kaiser Seeks Out Assisted-Suicide Doctors
This article which displays verbatim an email sent out to all Kaiser physicians was written in 2002.  It is still relevant.

Profile or Behavior Patterns in the Abused Older Adult and in the Abuser

Kaiser Senior Advantage Program - The Truth!   

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly Be aware of what is taking place on a very large scale in this country today.

We have received numerous reports of in hospital and at home Kaiser patients dying from urinary tract infections where the blame has been laid on a catheter.  Rather than voice any one persons opinion on this epidemic the following links on this subject are provided.  Arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible if dealing with this situation and are under Kaiser's care! 

Guidelines for the Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections from the CDC 

Examples of Clinical Definitions for Catheter-Related Infections 

Summary of Recommended Frequency of Replacements for Catheters, Dressings, Administration Sets, and Fluids 

If You Need Assistance Obtaining Prescription Medications click here for further information scroll down the page for a detailed section that can be of assistance to you.

"Compelling as some of the arguments of euthanasia campaigners might be, relaxing of the law is fraught with possibilities for abuse. In a world in which familial relations are often vexed and financial considerations frequently to the fore, the pressures and opportunities for the infirm and their families are such that base motives might find their way into life-ending decisions; further, that elderly people uncomfortable and afflicted by adverse medical conditions might be inclined to feel themselves a burden on others and seek to end their own lives."  .

See the story of former Senior Kaiser Patient Mr. John M. Kline

Seniors - If  you are in California and have a problem with Kaiser is it unlikely that The Department of Managed Health Care will choose to assist you.  In 2001, Federal Judge Ronald Lew wrote that the Federal Level was the correct jurisdiction for Medicare related matters under Social Security Act Title 1856 section (b)(3)(B) and Federal Code Title 42 U.S.C. 1395w-26(b)(3)(B). .  Please see: and Which states that Federal Law supercedes state law. and So this means in general that CMS is the agency that you need to contact for assistance.  In turn it is likely that CMS will refer you back to DMHC stating that they indeed should be handling your case after all.  DMHC may then just deny your existence and not do their job.
They may also continue to give you the run around and refer to you to whatever QIO has the contract at the time for review.

A QIO is a "Quality Improvement Organization."  This is not a government agency.  This is a trade organization owned by those in the health industry, such as Kaiser and often run by Kaiser and DMHC former employees. 

By sending you to the QIO which has no authority, they are wasting your time.   By the time that their investigation is done the statute will be tolled.  That might be their intent. 

All we can suggest is that you collect the letters from the various agencies you have to contact.   Send copies of your letters to the next agency that they refer you to. Eventually, someone may finally decide to do the right thing and show you respect as a citizen, and finally assist you. 

Why Kaiser shafts the Senior Population:  

"Current financing trends (e.g., Medicare Prospective Payment System) put the hospital at risk, and in order for it to survive, a hospital must obtain the support and cooperation of its medical staff. This shifts a considerable economic responsibility to the physicians when any fixed price payment (per case, per patient, or per subscriber) results in a fixed budget." From: - Source: Payments to physicians in the Permanente Medical Group - a report prepared for Congress by Kaiser and the For-Profit Permanente. You can help fight Medicare Fraud and Abuse.  Check out this link if you believe that Medicare Fraud is taking place.

See the Evidence at:
The above is documentation accumulated by The California Nurses Association that they have graciously allowed us to duplicate here.

This site is called the Disabled Village Children.  And it provides information on how to handle many situations if you have no medical care at all.

"The Medicare data show high rates of serious complications for elderly patients at 3 out of 10 major teaching hospitals..."


"Too many people leave this life with a bit too much morphine in their system for their death to be considered natural."

With the act of euthanasia, the sick or elderly are killed by action or omission, out of a misplaced sense of compassion or misguided mercy or for a  corporation to make more money.

The best thing that we can recommend for seniors is to have nothing to do with ANY Kaiser Senior Health Plan. 

Tips and Notes about the Kaiser Advantage Programs sent in from Advocates and the Public

Did you also know that all those excuses as to why you have to see a nurse instead of your assigned physician is an intentional act?  I am sure that you will hear all sorts of excuses about how busy the doctor is, but the truth is if they put your care Into The Hands of A Kaiser Nurse that doctor can bill for lots of patients at the same time without ever seeing them.  Maybe someday, if no one complains your doctor will get around to reviewing your medical records but I wouldn't count on it in this lifetime. 

Your greatest chance of survival is to go straight Medicare and purchase a Medi Gap Policy.  Forget the outdated, previously over rated and falsely advertised  Kaiser Senior Advantage Plan if you want to be around to see your children and grandchildren in the future. 

Kaiser's "physician responsibility" term is the code words for the strategy of do not go beyond one pass at providing care for a senior.  Complications go to hospice or home care.  Cancer is to be ignored early and diagnosed when too extensive to treat.  Pneumonias may be sent home at the midlevel Class C severity - the point at which the "best evidence" says admit - because the 2% mortality rate is worth the (unexplained to patients) risk.  Seniors, Kaiser believes that you should not absorb too much treatment cost as part of their "patient responsibility" to their Kaiser enrollees, the latter hidden agreement is never explained in the ads or contracts.

Kaiser is known as a "Mean Machine" by everyone that works at Kaiser. This Mean Machine is being fed by your Medicare payments.  It's growth and benefits are not shared with you.  It is a self serving, manipulative and slothful entity that does not deserve to receive your Medicare premiums.

Did you know that Kaiser receives your Medicare money in advance from the Federal Government?  Did you also know that if they sign someone into their psuedo hospice program that they are prepaid but that if you live longer than 90 days in this program that a Federal Audit may be triggered?

Did you also know that Medicare pays a higher rate to Kaiser for shipping you off into their hospice program?
They just don't provide half of the services that you had before this program became involved.  If you die before the 90 days is up they get to keep all that money and avoid any recertification and audit problems.  For Kaiser this really is a win win situation.  This translates into higher shareholder dividends for the Permanente Doctors that probably never even visit a patient of theirs that they shoved off into the Kaiser hospice program.

Hospice Articles
Things to consider when having that end of life talk with your doctor

Steal Euthanasia - A Phenomena in the United States evolving these days.

For Basic Physical Therapy that your family can help with.  This is where I go t the information to give my father his  Physical Therapy.  Kaiser of course billed Medicare for the work that I did.  Kaiser staff was also upset that we did any physical therapy for him.  It kept him alive and undid much of the damage done while he was " In The Hands of Kaiser.

This site is called the Disabled Village Children.  And it provides information on how to handle many situations if you have no medical care at all.

Contrary to Kaiser recommendations for Hospice patients with difficulty breathing to take Morphine - Many Physician's Disagree and do not recommend that it be used for this situation!

If you already do have this medical plan than you are only playing HEALTH ROULETTE.  In the end the house always wins and you will suffer the consequences
"Lynching the Elderly and Disabled?" (Why We Need An Elder Justice Act) by Ron Panzer

Link to Kaiser Hospice statements and a medical doctors opinion on the potential folly of following Kaiser Morphine instructions for this purpose.

The key to Kaiser's business success is to pull in seniors as enrollees - free seminars for conservators - and then withhold the patients' care. 

Seniors do not have a strong advocacy group; they have a less suable life span; their diseases can be blamed on aging; they are harder to study for outcome; and few Western families can use the Asian approach of camping out by the bedside and watching every care event."

In the case of a Senior that has the misfortune to have the Senior Advantage package, don't count on your contract to be honored by them when you really need it.  Kaiser will pretend that they have budget cuts, no knowledge or staff capable of treating your needed medical situation and the end result will be that you will suffer.

Kaiser does not care one little bit about your health.  They only care about your premiums that the government is paying to them three months in advance.

You will find the occasional geriatric specialist that will care for you to keep you alive as long as some administrator doesn't decide you need to be part of their so called hospice program.  That is telling Medicare that  is their final payment for your medical care.  Once that program kicks in you can count on living just about 85.2 days after that. At 90 days the government computers may trigger an audit of those systems that still have patients on their program.  No corporation wants that to happen. Please view page 74


More detailed information on the financial rewards for doing in the patients, especially when the government is paying for their medical care can be found her at:

See the Evidence at:
The above is documentation accumulated by The California Nurses Association that they have graciously allowed us to duplicate here.