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 Exploitation of Seniors
This section consists of links to other web sites that will offer immediate knowledge and in some cases assistance for problems relating to the Financial Exploitation and physical abuse of Seniors.  It is our hope that this grouping of sites will help you the citizen to avoid a loved one, including yourselves from being taken advantage of by greedy and sneaky people.

It isn't just the insurance companies, the nursing homes, the assisted living centers, the home health aides, etc; corporations that are hired and money paid to care or protect the interests of senior citizens that are commiting fraud and physically harming elders.  It is also family members and every family has someone in it that has harbored grudges that the rest never knew about, that feels that they are the chosen ones to "get even" or their right because they know how or just can because they "have the power" to loot estates and lock away out of sight older family members.  Tom Fields has documented what does happen, what will happen if you are not aware and are trusting and what you might be able to do to stop it from bringing harm to an entire family and permanently dividing it.

Tom Fields, who has been an advocate for many years has a highly informative site covering Statewide Corruption of Probate Systems,Case Histories of Elder Abuse, various links to important resources covering the entire field of Fidicuary Abuse of Elders and other forms of Grief and Injustice against the Elderly.

Tom Fields also has a section that is informative reading on Inheritance Fraud

Government condoning of physical Elder Abuse is a serious problem in the United States.  Corporations pay vast sums to elected officials that want that money to keep coming in.  Without it those elected officials might be out of a job come the next election.

Barbara Lee's mother, Lucille Lee, was a famous actress in her day.  Her father was a very famous actor.  Both are documented by historians and are still quite popular even though their time of fame was decades ago.  

Lucille was taken advantage of by medical personnel and facilities.  She lived a long life and government people justify what she went through as if it were no big deal because of the number of years that she did live.  

The truth is Lucille Lee was in a situation of medical crisis created by medical personnel and then warehoused by over sedation, mismedicating, and intentionally destroying her health by  personnel that really were not qualified to perform in the jobs they are still in.  The corporations encourage this warehousing because doping up and making sleep patients means more money in the bank for them.  You don't need to hire true professionals to oversee people sleeping, you don't need to buy food for them, you don't need to pay for electricity because they are sleeping.  You don't need to pay has as high a water bill because they are sleeping and won't be bathing as often, or heating because they have blankets or just won't complain and the list goes on and on and on.

Physicians that don't really examine these patients but do bill Medicare make a lot of money off of the warehousing of patients.  Those that are constantly sedated they can order operations to feed them liquid with.  That procedure in itself is a specialty and the G-Tube doctors as they are called reap fine rewards off of human suffering.  Nursing homes have their own G-Tube doctors that just stick those feeding tubes in and the sad thing is that patients that really need them often are denied the same service because Medicare might not be involved.

Now, not everyone has the ability to care for an older adult at their home.  At least the story of Lucille Lee will give that segment of our population the opportunity to seek out alternative solutions whereby their loved ones will be able to avoid being warehoused.  It will take some work to research everything but it can be done.

Study links Medicaid fees, use of feeding tubes - Financial incentives for nursing homes seen
The more tubes and machines that an unethical nursing setting can hook a patient up to the more profitable it is for them.
They don't need as large a staff to help them out and Medicare and Medicaid pays them more money for doing this.

NBC News - Post Reports In Problems In Probate Paper Reviews 10 Years Of Dockets

The media reports on hundreds of court-appointed attorneys that have misspent, lost and stolen clients' money up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases.   Must reading for people that are considering conservatorships, appointments of others to oversee financial and medical affairs of their loved ones.  This can happen to anyone.  No one is immune to the scams of these people.

MISPLACED TRUST | Guardians in the District :
Under Court, Vulnerable Became Victims 
Attorneys Who Ignored Clients or Misspent Funds Rarely Sanctioned 

The Washington Post has provided a series of highly informative articles on this very subject.  The Los Angeles Times also has prepared and archived similar eye opening material.

Cases Against Accused Attorneys Drag On
Discipline System Criticized as Being Too Slow and Padded With Protections 

Wayward probate lawyers are rarely punished by the District's attorney discipline system, even when they have broken the law, violated ethical standards or failed their clients. When it does punish, the system is inconsistent and slow, giving accused lawyers so many protections that cases can drag on for as long as nine years, according to court records and interviews.