Unless you plan to never have a long term/expensive illness or disease, the best thing that we can recommend for seniors is to have nothing to do with ANY Kaiser Senior Health Plan.

Kaiser’s “physician responsibility” term is the code words for the strategy of do not go beyond one pass at providing care for a senior.  Complications go to hospice or home care.  Cancer is to be ignored early and diagnosed when too extensive to treat.  Pneumonias may be sent home at the mid-level Class C severity – the point at which the “best evidence” says admit – because the 2% mortality rate is worth the (unexplained to patients) risk. 

Seniors, Kaiser believes that you should not absorb too much treatment cost as part of their “patient responsibility” to their Kaiser enrollees, the latter hidden agreement is never explained in the ads or contracts.

Did you also know that all those excuses as to why you have to see a nurse instead of your assigned physician is an intentional act?  I am sure that you will hear all sorts of excuses about how busy the doctor is, but the truth is if they put your care Into The Hands of A Kaiser Nurse that doctor can record within their system as examining of patients at the same time without ever seeing them.  Maybe someday, if no one complains your doctor will get around to reviewing your medical records but I wouldn’t count on it in this lifetime.  On the other hand, several people have mentioned that the nurses are actually more proficient. 

Your greatest chance of survival is to go straight Medicare and purchase a Medi Gap Policy.  Forget the outdated, previously over rated and falsely advertised  Kaiser Senior Advantage Plan if you want to be around to see your children and grandchildren in the future. 


“Too many people leave this life with a bit too much morphine in their system for their death to be considered natural.”

With the act of euthanasia, the sick or elderly are killed by action or omission, out of a misplaced sense of compassion or misguided mercy or for a  corporation to make more money.

The best thing that we can recommend for seniors is to have nothing to do with ANY Kaiser Senior Health Plan.